Monday, 26 October 2015

My current favourites

My favourite things and obsessions of the moment...

1. The delicious sugar rose candle from the MOR essentials collection. I stock it in my store (shameless plug) and on our last shipment I brought one home. It's on my desk at the moment and it gets lit every time I'm working in my office. Subtle and sweet, it's my new desk essential.

2. Chella ivory lace highlighter - I got this in a Bellabox several months ago and have used it every single day since! It's such an amazing product and I will totally purchase another when mine runs out (my current one is definitely running low). I use it under my eyes after I've put foundation on and it completely covers up any bags or shadows. It's a really soft pencil, so it goes on very easily, then I just blend in with my finger, it only takes a couple of seconds to do, and I've stopped using concealer, opting for the Chella highlighter instead. It's definitely my new favourite beauty product! 

3. Gold accents - I'm so in love with gold things at the moment and two of my lovely friends added to my little gold collection for my birthday recently.  A new Kate Spade stationery kit and lovely gold bowls from Kikki-K were very welcome birthday gifts. They currently have pride of place in my office!

4. New face cleanser and face scrub by True Essentials. I picked these up a few weeks ago after my last lot (which I wasn't 100% happy with) ran out. Originally I chose them as they are Australian made and don't test on animals. After just one use I was thoroughly impressed. I really like the light feeling of it when I'm using it and the fresh feeling of my face afterwards. It's quickly become a staple in my skin care routine and I will definitely purchase again!

5. My Fitness Pal App - My friend Emma has been using this app and she told me about it over breakfast one morning. I downloaded it to have a play and it very quickly became a daily obsession! You enter in some basic details about yourself and your goals and you're given a calorie/ kilojoule limit for the day. As you enter in your meals and exercise it tracks and compares to your quota to help you keep on track :) The app does a range of other things and can be incorporated with things like Apple Watches and Fitbits, but I just use the basic exercise and food tracking.

I'd love to know your favourite things of the moment... leave me a comment and let me know!

xx Miss Ali

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