Thursday, 28 May 2015

The things you notice...

I'm sick... again! I'd been on a good streak for a while, but alas, my lungs have disappointed me again and I'm back in bed waiting impatiently to get better.

There's something about spending the entire day sitting in bed that gets you noticing the things in your bedroom. I totally love our bedroom, we have a gorgeous bay window that gives me a great view outside, a super comfy bed that I adore and a walk-in wardrobe that has lots of shoe space. But after looking at it all day I keep seeing little things that I'd like to change. I think a little redecoration is in order once I'm better!

Stay tuned!

xx Miss Ali

Friday, 22 May 2015

May Bellabox goodies


Yesterday my Bellabox for May arrived! I'm loving having this little box of goodies delivered to my door each month, it's always exciting to get packages in the mail and it's even better when the contents is a surprise!

The above photo shows this month's box of samples, my favourite being the highlighter pencil from Chella. It's been super easy to use and takes no time at all!

I got another sample of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula cream - not a huge fan of this brand. I like my face creams unscented and I didn't like the feeling of the day cream the last time they gave us a sample.

The Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil has been great (I used it this morning) and I will definitely be using it again.

Time to spritz some of that Impulse perfume sample and get to work!

xx Ali

Friday, 8 May 2015

Workday Plan B

I'm a big list maker. I always have been, even as a child I liked making lists. I would note down the somewhat insignificant things I would be taking on holiday with me. I got a lot of satisfaction from ticking them off as I put them in the bag and again when we packed to come home. As an adult, my list making has evolved slightly and I always have a weekly and daily to-do list of tasks I need to achieve. 

This system works well for me, I know what I need to get done, it allows me to prioritise, and over time I've learnt to divide my weekly list up over my working week so each day can be productive. 

Yesterday, however, my list was thrown out the window! Imagine my dismay as I sit down at my computer with my list and get greeted with this screen just as I start up for the day! 

That's right, my trusty computer called in sick to work! There went all my computerised work for the day. Luckily my lovely Dad will be able to sort it out for me over the weekend. In the meantime, I was looking at a wasted day.

That's when workday plan B kicked in. There's always a list of things that need to get done that never make it on to the daily and weekly list as they're lengthy, difficult or not important enough. For me the thing in the back of my mind all year has been my costumes at the dance studio. They've been a mess for ages. No idea what's been in what box and so hard to find anything when we need it. So yesterday when my original list became non-achievable I headed over to my studio for a day of costume sorting. 

It's always been so worthwhile for me to make a list of what I need to achieve, but yesterday's computer malfunction could have easily seen me waste that day in front of the TV, instead, my little back up list saved me - turns out it's worthwhile too! 

Are you a list maker?