Monday, 16 February 2015

Happy Monday

Happy Monday lovely friends!

This morning it was so very hard to get myself out of bed. I didn't have a particularly good sleep, so when the alarm told me to get up I contemplated staying in bed for an extra half hour. After reasoning with myself I just forced myself out of the covers and into the kitchen to make tea. What good was that extra half hour actually going to do for me anyway? -  I was already awake.

My tea was delicious, as always (Twinings Irish Breakfast) and I had some quiet time to sit and think about my busy week ahead. I took a moment to listen to my guided meditation and made a conscious decision to put my bad sleep behind me and make sure today is a Happy Monday (as all Mondays should be).

Mondays for me this year are insanely long. I do a full day alone at my shop, then head straight to my studio and teach several classes, effectively making it an 11 or 12 hour day. So this morning, instead of pressing snooze and laying in bed dwelling on all the things I have to do, I made myself get up.

I've blocked out a little bit of personal 'time off' during the week that I can look forward to and I'm choosing to ignore the fact that I left my lunch at home (I might just have to take myself to the yummy French Patisserie down the street).

How will you make your Monday happy?

Happy Monday!
Love, Ali xx

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