Tuesday, 18 November 2014

eau de parfum

I firmly believe that dressing up should be an every day occurrence (why save the pretty things for special occasions)? So it goes without saying that I also believe that every day should have perfume!

My daily spritz is Trésor In Love by Lancôme, it's such a lovely, fresh scent and I apply it liberally every morning! Getting ready with my special items is a daily ritual for me, even on the days I work from home. My every day items and my special items are one and the same! Every day is special and therefore every day deserves some sparkle.

Tomorrow morning as you're getting to lead your fabulous life, don't pick out your boring every day items. Wear the nice underwear, put your best shoes on, adorn yourself with your favourite piece of jewellery and most definitely spray that perfume, you'll feel lovely, I promise!

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