Monday, 24 November 2014

Happy Monday

Morning Mr Monday!

Mondays are definitely happy when they begin with deliveries from review! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

eau de parfum

I firmly believe that dressing up should be an every day occurrence (why save the pretty things for special occasions)? So it goes without saying that I also believe that every day should have perfume!

My daily spritz is Trésor In Love by Lancôme, it's such a lovely, fresh scent and I apply it liberally every morning! Getting ready with my special items is a daily ritual for me, even on the days I work from home. My every day items and my special items are one and the same! Every day is special and therefore every day deserves some sparkle.

Tomorrow morning as you're getting to lead your fabulous life, don't pick out your boring every day items. Wear the nice underwear, put your best shoes on, adorn yourself with your favourite piece of jewellery and most definitely spray that perfume, you'll feel lovely, I promise!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Family snaps

Last weekend I had a lovely catch up with my beautiful family as we attended my cousin's wedding.  While there, we managed to get this gorgeous snap of all the mothers and daughters. The last 'group cousin' photo I had was 12 years ago after my brother's funeral, this was a far more enjoyable experience! Isn't it shocking how little we see our families these days!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The morning cup of tea

One of my most favourite times of day is the first hour after I wake up. Since leaving a job working for someone else and becoming my own boss entirely, my mornings start off in a much gentler way than they used to. I usually have that first hour to myself as Matt works later into the night than I do, he prefers sleep in of a morning, I prefer to go to bed early.

My day used to begin at 6 or 6:30 and was a rush to get everything done before leaving for work, I would get to work still feeling tired and feel stressed about the day ahead. Now, I still have stress, but at least I can begin my day calmly.

I wake up around 7 each morning now (a much nicer time), and as I work pretty close to home, I don't have to leave until 9 (on the days I'm not working from home). I use the first hour to ease into my day. I feed my gorgeous fur babies, make a cup of tea and sit in my sunny lounge room with my diary. The first cup of tea for the day is always the best one. I start with an English Breakfast or an Irish Breakfast tea and I have it in a lovely fine bone china tea cup (tea should always be enjoyed out of fine bone china).

As I sip my tea, I go through my diary and map out my day, scheduling important jobs that have priority and working out where other things can slot in as needed. I still use a physical paper and pen diary, and would be totally lost without it. I don't know how people can plan their life on their phone! After this is done, I sit on my comfy chair for some guided meditation or just some quiet time to think.

After the first peaceful hour has passed, the usual things need to get done, like eating breakfast and dressing. This is the time that I can have a chat with my hubby about the day ahead and we can make any combined plans that are needed.

I definitely enjoy that first hour, it gives me a sense of control over the day and keeps my mind from stressing out at simple things.

How do you spend your first morning hour?
xx Miss Ali

Saturday, 1 November 2014

A decade after school

This evening I have my 10 year reunion. 10 years has passed since sitting my HSC and graduating year 12.

Since then I've travelled to Europe twice and America twice. I've cruised around the South Pacific and visited a friend in Canada. I've studied and graduated as a professional ballet teacher. I've worked in numerous jobs, some great, some not so great. 

I met and married my other half, gaining a second beautiful family in the process. We moved into a home of our own and got ourselves some gorgeous pets to love. 

I've run my dance school, teaching lots of beautiful children the love of dance and we expanded to a second premises after buying a warehouse. I've purchased another business which I love running and in which I've made many changes, putting my own stamp on it. 

I'm half way through finishing a business and arts degree through the University of New England. I love having a busy life and I'm excited to see what the next decade brings!