Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Random Facts

10 insignificant things you couldn't possibly want to know about me... but I'm going to tell you anyway:

1. I keep gloves in my glove box (after all, what is a glove box for)? They're pink and have bows and frills on them. I love them and they keep my hands warm from the freezing cold steering wheel in the morning :)

2. I collect and read etiquette books. This is a fact you will probably already know if you've read my blog before. It all started with a book I purchased called 'Why Manners Matter' - which isn't an etiquette book so much as an essay about the importance of manners in a modern world, but once I read it, I became hooked on etiquette books. My favourite ones are the old fashioned ones that instruct one 'how to be a lady' 

3. As a child I would eat lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches, nothing else, just lettuce and mayo. Not just any mayonnaise though, it had to be Heinz salad cream. I've been known to still choose this sandwich filling as an adult from time to time.

4. I hate unstacking the dishwasher. It's one household job I will always leave for my husband to do whenever possible!

5. I get so absorbed with fictional character in my favourite books that I actually cry tears while reading. I maintain that this is normal and anyone that doesn't do it simply isn't enjoying the book the way it was meant to be enjoyed. If you weren't emotionally drained at the end of a novel, it either wasn't well written or wasn't well read.

6. I'm very fussy with cleaning. I can't stand our house not being tidy and have been caught in the past (while ordered on bed rest for lung infections) to drag myself out of bed just to tidy something. I can't help myself.

7. When I was in primary school, my brother taught me how to spell 'because' by saying 'Betty Eats Cakes And Uncle Sells Eggs' It's totally ridiculous, but I loved it. I still do it in my head when I write it. Not because I need to, but because it reminds me of him.

8. I am happy to watch the same movies and tv shows over and over again. I don't tire of them and it is rare for me to go a select something new to watch.

9. Sometimes I wish I could hire a personal assistant, to do all the time consuming and boring tasks in my business, but I don't because I know that I wouldn't be able to give them the jobs to do without first doing them myself.

10. I hate most food. I am a particularly fussy eater and could live off the same 5 meals over and over. Included in the list of foods I don't eat are:
* Most meat (chicken and mince are OK)
* Seafood
* Cooked mushroom
* Raw tomato
* Anything spicy
* Mandarins
* Brown rice, brown pasta or brown bread
* Olives
* Thai food
* Noodles
* Coffee flavoured things (although I'm OK with coffee itself)
* Marshmallows
* Basil
* Ginger
* Fried eggs (although I will eat them poached, boiled or scrambled)

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  1. You seem to be one busy person, as long as we're not talking of doing the dishes. Haha! Though it seems you had also considered hiring a personal assistant. While you may not be able to do that now, maybe in the future you could do so. It could really help productivity if you don't have to worry about the smaller details. I say it's good to keep options such as this open. Good luck!

    Mary Hughes @ Sorted Personal Management


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