Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A week of gratitude... Tuesday

Today I'm grateful that I own my own businesses and work for myself. It gives me the opportunity to have time to myself when I need it, and allowed me time for an amazing facial at Endota Spa this morning. It was blissful relaxation, and totally worth every cent. I feel rejuvenated and ready to work!

Regular facials are something I would totally recommend. Not just for the fabulous skin benefits, but for the down time. For an hour, I get to lay there with no emails coming through, no phone calls, no customers and no conversation. I get to be with my own thoughts in a quiet and dark room. Often these thoughts do revolve around work, but usually the parts of work that I don't get time for on a day to day basis. Like new marketing ideas to play with. They might not be the best of ideas, but they certainly get the ball rolling!

Go and have a facial. You'll love it!

xx Miss Ali

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