Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Elite Dancers on Tour

These past two weeks have been spent in USA with my performance team from Elite Dance. The girls came over to take classes and workshops and to perform in Disneyland and Universal Studios. It's been a crazy busy fortnight and I'm so ready to go home.

We spent our first week in LA, visiting the Disney parks, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Universal Studios. It was a very full-on week, with early mornings, late nights and overall tiring days. The girls performed on the stages in Disneyland and in Universal studios and had workshops at Disneyland with the resident choreographer. They also got to take a workshop at The Edge studio as well.

The girls after class at The Edge (LA)


Mum found Elton John's star     ~     And we enjoyed a delicious pizza at 10am

The Dance Door

Rides in Disneyland are funnier when other people on them are scared!

Free fairy floss with dinner

The Elite Dancers ready to perform at Universal Studios

Delicious cocktails

Breakfast with the Disney characters

After LA, we had a very early morning (woke up at 4am) to catch an early plane to New York. The plane ended up being delayed until midday, which was rather annoying as we could have slept in for a few more hours. In New York the girls haven't had any performances, but there has been several classes and workshops for them to take and lots of free time. We also watched the Matilda musical and the Newsies musical, which were both amazing!

While I was here in New York, my beautiful Matty told me to go and meet with the lady at Tiffany's who organised my engagement ring and he emailed her to ask her to give me the Tiffany experience. So I visited her with mum and we had such a good time. They gave us champagne, made us feel special and cleaned our rings for us, now they're all beautiful and shiny again!

At Broadway Dance Center where my girls had classes this week. They also got to have a private workshop to learn one of the routines from the Matilda musical.


 Times Square... as busy as ever!

Where I got engaged last time I was here!

A very naughty but oh so tasty New York hot dog.... of which I ate 4 (don't judge me)!

The beautiful crab apple trees that are dotted around the city 

The 'Tiffany Experience' with mum. Thanks Matty!

...and my gorgeous new bow ring

While I was here I made a point of visiting the lovely people at Gaynor Minden. One of the brands I stock at Dancestuff. I had some new pointe fitting training, met the head of the brand and got to put some faces to names. I'm glad I had time to fit this meeting in.


Anxiously awaiting the musical entertainment of the evening

Some more very naughty food. New York pizza!

Alvin Ailey, another fabulous class for my girls in another fabulous dance centre!

I will certainly continue doing the dance tours with my girls as they've all had a great time and have been given such unique experiences that they don't get at home. But I wont lie, traveling with Matt is way more enjoyable and relaxing! Tomorrow we're heading home. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed and finally be back with my husband!

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