Sunday, 23 February 2014

Exciting Changes

This past week I've been thinking a lot about my uni degree and have decided to transfer courses.

Currently I am doing a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of teaching majoring in English, Ancient History and minoring in French. This would enable me to teach English, History and French in highschools upon graduating. I am about a third of the way through the degree but am on a break until Trimester two this year due to the purchase of Dancestuff and a trip to Disneyland with my students scheduled in April.

The more I think about my businesses, the more I realise that I simply wont use a teaching degree. I have my ballet teaching qualifications, which I use, but I just can't see me having time to teach in highschools on top of running two businesses.

So I have decided the best course of action for me will be to change my degree to one I definitely know I will use. I have applied to transfer to a bachelor of arts and bachelor of business. This will allow my arts degree to remain largely unchanged (I will major in either English or Ancient History and use the units I have already done) and can still study any other area of choice with the elective units available. For the business degree, I will major in marketing, which will be hugely beneficial to both my businesses, and will be well worth the money and time of attaining.

I feel this is the best decision for both my businesses and myself and I'm pretty keen to get back into it all when trimester two begins later this year.

In the mean time. I have enrolled for Marie Forleo's BSchool. Which I am super excited about. She is such a fabulous woman and I admire her greatly, along with many other women entrepreneurs that she associates with.

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