Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A day in the life of Miss Ali... Wednesday

7:30 up and out of bed. Feed fur babies and make tea (English Breakfast)

Get dressed and do hair/makeup. Today is another morning of working from home.

8:15 sit down in office to get onto today's tasks. Accounting and book keeping for Elite Dance

Watch online video on marketing and branding. Hope to put what I've learned to good use at Dancestuff. Bookmark website to watch further videos later...

Say goodbye to husband, who is off to work at the warehouse. He had a meeting with a potential stockist of his items.

More bookwork/ emails/ processing payments.

10:45 clean bathroom and vanity

11:15 morning tea/lunch. Edam cheese and crackers, and more tea.

Gather things needed for this afternoons work and classes.

12:30 into car and head to shop. Nearly have a heart attack on the way due to a huntsman spider running around on my window.

Panic and decide to get out the passenger side door, exhibit very unladylike behaviour climbing over to make this possible.

Set up laptop and work on website out back... creating sale items and listing new products in online store

Serve customers/ fit shoes while Josie does a pointe fitting for me.

4:00 back into the car (still thinking about the spider, which I can no longer see) to head to the Niagara Park studio

4:30 primary jazz. Such a beautiful little class full of gorgeous girls!

5:15 finish up and have quick meeting with mum about timetable for remainder of term and new enrolments for this week.

5:35 back into spider infested car to head home (Wednesday has now become my early evening for dancing)

6:00 Stop by shop to pick up order information that needs to be placed and lock up

6:30 arrive home

Message beautiful mother in law for her birthday. Find out that husband will be out for dinner again (forgot to mention to me).

Head into office to begin processing new students onto our system. Invoice new students.

7:30 dinner. Alfredo pasta and vegetables.

8:00 husband arrives home. Complain about spider. (May have possibly over-exaggerated size of spider to emphasize point to husband). He attempts to blindly spray exterior of car for said spider. Husband quickly gives up and informs me spider will probably reappear as I enter car tomorrow morning (not a helpful comment).

8:30 type up and place Energetiks order for Dancestuff

9:00 give up on work for the night, decide it is time to watch more Stargate and eat ice cream.

Clean desk in office and head to the couch for relaxing time.

11:10 time for a shower and bed!

xx Miss Ali

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