Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A day in the life of Miss Ali... Tuesday


7:30 up and out of bed to feed those two little furry faces that follow me around in the morning.

Attempt to make cup of Irish Breakfast tea... alas, still no milk. Opt for jasmine green tea instead.

8:00 get dressed, and do hair. No need for makeup today as I have a facial booked!

Take a quick stock of the items lacking in our fridge (milk) and pantry for a grocery shop later in the day

8:45 sit down in office [will again be working from home this morning] and get to answering some emails and processing some payments.

Say goodbye to husband, who is off to work at the warehouse today.

Become distracted with something I found on facebook. The Organised Housewife blog is doing a declutter challenge. Begin making mental notes of all the areas in our house that I want to clean out.

9:30 find my way back into the work I am supposed to be doing. Check some orders that were put through for Dancestuff and need to be paid.

10:45 into the car and off to Crowne Plaza at Terrigal for my facial. This is something I began doing last year in the lead up to my wedding and have decided to keep doing. They give such fabulous and relaxing facials that I am going to make a point of keeping my routine up.

11:00 arrive and wait in nice relaxing waiting room

11:15 facial. I leave it up to the therapist to judge what my skin needs at the time. Today I had a glycolic.

12:15 emerge feeling so amazingly relaxed and get given cup of rosehip tea.

Head to Coles to get that milk!

1:30 finish grocery shop and off home

Put groceries away and make a late lunch. Ham and salad roll and a sultana scone, with my lovely cup of tea [finally]

2:30 back into the office to get some more work done before dancing. More emails, class lists and music selection.

4:45 Receive phone call from lovely friend Mel.

Grab a muesli bar to eat in the car and drive to the studio.

5:30 ballet with my Intermediates

6:30 ballet with my Grade 6 girls

7:30 make some jasmine tea while the girls are changing for the next class then Intermediate Jazz/Contemporary

8:30 finish up, clean the studio area and take myself home. Remember to go the back way as to avoid the night road works near home.

8:50 arrive home and put oven on. Husband is out for dinner with friends and family so only have myself to feed. Put a chicken/ camembert/ chives fillo pastry wrap in the oven and jump in the shower.

Feed cat and dog and clean mess in kitchen.

9:15 dinner ready and husband has just arrived home. He shares my dinner with me (good thing I wasn't too hungry) as we watch another episode of Stargate.

Have a naughty icecream for dessert

10:15 feeling sore and exhausted so decide it is time to go to bed.

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