Thursday, 13 February 2014

A day in the life of Miss Ali... Thursday

7:30 alarm goes off... snooze button gets pressed. It seems I am getting into this bad habit again

7:45 up out of bed and feed pets.

Jump on scales... not sure what possessed me to do this (at least I did it in the morning and not at night).

Make cup of tea and sit in office still in nightie

8:00 answer emails

8:30 have a chat with husband about marketing while getting ready.

9:30 into car and off to Niagara Park studio

10:00 beautiful preschool class. I absolutely love them, they are so gorgeous and enthusiastic!

10:30 head home for more work

11:00 watch a few more marketing videos and work out ways to implement them into my businesses.

Say goodbye to husband who is off to work

11:30 early lunch. Left over pasta and vegies from last night

11:50 back into office. More emails.

Get phone call from shop about a customer order. Turns out order never made it to supplier so have to do makeshift express order to get item in.

2:30 afternoon tea. Passionfruit, pear and English Breakfast tea.

Play fetch with Aggie. Poor thing hasn't been out for a walk for a while!

3:30 back into office. Attempt to structure some basic routine ideas for jazz and contemporary classes. Don't achieve much

4:30 into car and off to West Gosford studio for this evenings classes

5:00 intermediate ballet. One student missing due to illness

6:00 advanced jazz and contemporary. New student enrols (YAY)

7:30 intermediate foundation ballet. Two missing for school camp

8:30 finish up teaching for the night and lock up studio.

Have massive headache that has been coming on for a few hours. Search bag for pain killers in vain.

8:50 arrive home and complain of headache to husband. He advises dinner in oven and to have a hot shower.

Take panadol, have shower and wash hair

9:20 decide against dinner. Sit down to watch a finance video (my life is simply riveting).

10:20 feeling exhausted. Decide to enter new students on system tomorrow. Type up blog post and get ready for bed.

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