Monday, 10 February 2014

A day in the life of Miss Ali... (Monday)

Once again my schedule has changed a little, but I still find myself as busy as ever (I simply wouldn't have it any other way).

Here's another week in my life...

8:00 wake up and crawl out of bed (OK so I pressed snooze a couple of times, I was actually supposed to get up at 7:30). I'm working from home this morning so have the added excitement of a sleep in :)

Feed cat and dog and make a cup of tea... use the last of the milk and make a mental note that we need more. Vegemite toast and tea - perfect breakfast.

Get dressed, put makeup on and do hair... working from home is no excuse not to dress properly

9:00  sit down in office to [FINALLY] get enrolments and invoicing done for Term one. Have had a broken mouse and have been unable to use my computer for the first week of term. Invoices are crucial, no invoicing means no payments and with no payments we will quickly go backwards!

9:30 get a phone call from my shop to ask about a customer order that hasn't arrived yet.

Manage to get all students enrolled onto our system and update their classes.

Run through all invoices to apply family discounts and check they are right before pressing the magic button that emails them all out at once (love it when technology works).

11:00 time for another cup of tea... open fridge and remember milk is gone. Not quite in the mood for green tea, so head miserably back to office sans tea.

Open Elite Dance mail and organise bills that need to be paid. It's rather depressing having to pay things when nothing has come in yet. Respond to email and voicemail enquiries.

12:00 lunch with husband (who is also working from home). He heads out to pick us up lunch (potato pie) and we eat while watching an episode of Stargate (don't judge me).

1:30 back into office to get some work done. Sorting out music and lesson plans for the classes in the week ahead. Still too early to pick concert music, so picking different things to play around with.

3:30 into the car and off to the studio for my classes.

4:00 private lesson with my scholarship student. She'll be doing a solo in the concert and I like to get started on it early in the year.

4:30 ballet with my Grade 6 class.

5:30 strength and technique for my seniors. They definitely need it after the long summer break

6:15 advanced and intermediate open ballet. A big class with a wide amount of ages and standards. Lots of shuffling around.

7:15 finish up at the West Gosford studio and duck over to the Niagara Park studio (good thing they are both so close)

7:30 intermediate jazz and contemporary.

Get given enrolments for two new students at our Niagara Park studio (YAY)

8:30 finish up and head home. Call husband and check if grocery stop needed on the way home. He thinks he can manage with what we have and starts cooking (also YAY).

Get stuck in backed up traffic due to night road works and have to sit still for a good 15 minutes (only 2 or 3 minutes from home).

9:15 arrive home to dinner almost ready thanks to beautiful husband. Chicken breast with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce under the grill and salad (not the most healthy of dinners, but very delicious, made even better by the fact that I didn't have to cook it). Jump in shower quickly while it's being finished. Emerge smelling much prettier. Send text message to lovely friend Mel.

Sit down for dinner and to have a chat about our businesses and what we both need to do over the next few weeks.

Feed cat and dog who are both acting as though they've never been fed in their lives.

Attempt to make a cup of tea... realise we still have no milk, settle for hot chocolate instead. Watch another episode of Stargate (I promise I am not obsessed) with husband.

11:30 off to bed to write post and sleep

Good night, lovely readers xx

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