Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New promises

Tonight as I go to bed, I am making myself a new promise. To break up with my snooze button. 

My alarm is set every morning for 6:30am. Every evening I go to bed, set my alarm and run through my ever growing 'to do' list for the following day. 

That is however as far as I've been getting for the past month. Pretty much every single morning, I've woken up to that depressing sound of the alarm that draws us all out of bed. But I've not followed through, I've not allowed it to draw me out if bed and into the day ahead. I press snooze, but not just once, I press it multiple times. I'm a snooze junkie. So much so that all the things I plan for the morning don't happen. I haven't been making it to early morning gym sessions. I've gotten behind in my paperwork and my poor little Aggie has been missing out on her lovely [occasional] morning walks. 

I've managed to tell myself every morning that it's possible to get ready for work in half an hour, and although some people [my sister, my fianc√©] will argue that it's perfectly possible, for me it's not. I feel like I'm scraping by. My mornings were always a productive time that allowed me to pull myself together and face the long and exhausting day ahead. Sure I have enough time to get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair and makeup and pack some lunch, but I don't feel ready when I leave the house. It's not good to be drinking breakfast in the car instead of eating a proper one at the dining table. 

So from tomorrow morning, I am going cold turky. I will not press snooze. I will not tell myself that 10 more minutes sleep will make me feel better [we all know it won't. That first 10 more minutes is like the first step down a steep time stealing path]. I will get my lazy ass out of bed and take my Aggie for a walk, do some accounting and eat a proper breakfast!  

I promise! 


  1. Dear Ali - Here Here! I concur whole heartedly with this breakup. I am going through a similar separation period myself! Good luck! xx

    1. Thanks Andie! I've managed to kick the habit lately, but I'm a little worried that the Christmas break might send me straight back to my addictive snooze button!


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