Monday, 14 October 2013

Miss Ali wears...

I love dressing up, I do it most days. Every day deserves a beautiful outfit and I like to throw something a little dressy even into my casual wardrobe choices.

I have a beautiful walk in wardrobe where all my favourite clothes and shoes sit waiting on display for me to choose from. Selection of my outfit each day usually starts with a quick look at the weather
app on my phone (I am particularly sensitive to cold and can't stand not being prepared for it). Then I look at all my gorgeous shoes... This is normally the first thing I pick and make my outfit around them. My wardrobe consists of various girly and pretty items from a mix of places and some staples that can be put with my dressy pieces. Some cheap finds that I pair with a more expensive top or bottom, some lovely new things and some old favourites that I continue to wear (even though I've had some of them more than 10 years). 

'Miss Ali wears' will give me the chance to show you the clothes I love.

Here's today's outfit, it's not a warm day and I'm at my shop for most of it, my work for the day tends to dictate the outfit choice.

Miss Ali wears:
* Black lace top: Tokito City (I love this brand, their shirts are always made from the most beautiful feeling fabric)
* White cardi with black lace detail: Review (probably one of my favourite brands for pretty, feminine clothes - I usually have to wait for them to go on sale before I buy)
* Grey 3/4 pants: Banana Republic (I bought these on holiday in Paris last year, I absolutely love them, so super comfy and they go with everything, plus they remind me of a fabulous day spent shopping on the Champs Elysses with Mel)
* Coral heals: Miss Shop Myer (got these on sale last week for $39 - love bargains)!
* Return to Tiffany & co. Necklace: Tiffany's New York
* Silver watch: Guess (a gift from Matt for my 21st birthday)

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