Saturday, 26 October 2013

Goodbye David

Today is a sad day for my family. In the early hours of yesterday morning we lost one of our cousins. I say cousin, as that is what he was to me, but to others he was a brother, a son, a nephew, an uncle, a grandchild or a friend.

As my Uncle John has said: "Nobody can ever take away the fact that you lived your life the way you wanted to live it, You were strong in your decisions of how you would live you're life and ultimately how you would make the choice to leave" 

David, you will be missed by all who knew you.

To my beautiful Aunty Kath and cousins Dennis and Jessica: I know the emptiness you are feeling right now. I know that hole you have inside that feels like it will never go away. I have cried the tears you are crying now and I have sat in the silent despair and heartache I know you are going through. One day, we will sit with happy memories of David, that don't bring waves of sadness. Now is not that time, but I promise, you will smile again. Please know I am here to support you from afar. Although I can't be there with you, I am thinking of you always and sending my love.

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