Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Wednesday

So today wasn't as hectic as the last two days, it was a little less full (thankfully)

7:00 - wake up. As I don't go to work on Wednesdays, I would usually sleep in a little longer, but I had a breakfast date to get up for :) 

Get ready and feed pets. Chat with fiancé, who has to get up early for an online meeting with overseas suppliers

8:00 - breakfast with Emma at Aromas. Ate some yummy French toast with bacon and a fabulous pot of tea. Time for a catch up and a brief chat, some weeks we don't see each other at all, due to our conflicting schedules, so our breakfast catch ups are always great, if a little rushed.

9:00 - back into the car and off to the studio for my preschool dance classes.

9:30 - Little Ballerinas class

10:00 - Mini Jazzers class 

10:30 - quick tidy up of the studio and sorting out of some paperwork before off to the dance shop

11:00 - business meeting with the dance shop. These always last a really long time as we go off on tangents and have many discussions completely unrelated to dance. I always make sure I allow plenty of time when I head in there, because we get carried away and a half hour meeting turns into a four hour meeting! 

2:30 - wrapping up our meeting and back into the car

2:45 - belated lunch with fiancé. We ate at Taste, was delicious food!

3:30 - fiancé heads to the warehouse to work as I head home to work.

Answer some emails and return voicemail calls, checking payments that have come through and doing bookkeeping work. 

4:30 - on the road again and back to the studio

5:00 - junior jazz: usually I supervise this class as I have two student teachers for junior jazz. One has called in with glandular fever, the other was at work, so for tonight at least, I was on my own.

Get message from evening cover teacher, calling in sick (not my week at all for sick teachers), have to cancel last two classes for the evening (senior/advanced hip hop and tap). 

6:00 - Nikya comes in to take senior jazz class and I head home. I love that I get an early night on Wednesdays 

6:30 - arrive home and finish answering emails from this afternoon. Get distracted with Facebook 

7:30 - feed cat and dog, sit and chat with fiancé, have a very light dinner (baked beans) as still full from lunch. Fiancé eats ice cream instead of dinner

8:30 - Tidy office and lounge room. Can't believe how messy the house has become over the last two days and make a mental note to catch up on usual daily tasks (which I do normally each day, to ensure the housework gets done each week)

9:30 - jump in shower and get ready for bed. 

9:45 - feel happy that I've managed to get to bed before 10, write post and set alarm ready for a new day

Goodnight my lovelies, I will be enjoying my full 8 hours sleep tonight! xx

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