Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Tuesday

Yet another super busy day happened today

6:30am - up and out of bed - I made a last minute decision last night to give myself an extra half hour of sleep before facing the world again! 

Normal attempts at getting ready, a perfect cup of tea and some cuddles with Aggie. Feeding the cat and dog, jotting down some notes for the assignment that was due tonight for uni (oh the horrid end of trimester time) and cleaning the bathroom, (which is actually a Monday job, but I was way too tired yesterday to be bothered to do it)

7:30 - wake fiancé up and tell him to get out of bed. Continue getting ready.  

7:45 - wake fiancé up again and tell him it's definitely time to get out of bed 

8:00 - say goodbye to fiancé (still in bed) and leave for work (on Tuesdays I do the late shift)

8:30 - time to start work for the day: finalising the assembly for Thursday, which has to be done today as I don't go to work on Wednesdays. Got called into the boss's office to be told that staffing phoned and approved my application to become permanent 2 days a week, Yay (currently I'm employed as a casual in a temporary position 2 days a week... And just get called in on the other days). Message fiancé to tell news :)

10:00 - morning tea: banana and a cup of tea 

10:15 - more work: banking, dealing with parents and students, phone calls, exam typing... A never ending list 

1:00 - supposed to head off to lunch, but cornered by a teacher that needs help with something, stay back to assist while belly is rumbling with hunger! 

1:15 - finally make it out to the lunch room for my pumpkin soup

1:45 - back to work again, being on the late shift means I get a bit more done in the afternoon than usual

3:30 - home time! 

4:00 - rush inside, grab the stuff needed for the studio, get changed.

4:15 - jump back in car to head over to studio and start teaching for the night. Feel very thankful that I get to do something I love! 

4:45 - quick hello and goodbye with fiancé as we cross paths at the studio. Student teacher called in sick so have no assistant for first class. Primary jazz: cutest little girls ever, but a bit of a handful 

5:30 - grade 7 ballet: getting them ready for their exam work

6:30 - grade 5 ballet: these girls are also preparing for an exam. Get message from lovely friend, Emma asking if keen for breakfast catch up! Definitely keen! 

7:30 - intermediate jazz and contemporary: my class that has improved in leaps and bounds so far this year, I pushed them all up from junior to intermediate this year and they've all taken to the challenge so well! 

8:30 - classes over for the evening, lock up and head home

9:00 - arrive home to find fabulous fiancé has cooked dinner: roast chicken stuffed with pumpkin and garlic, wrapped in bacon, yum (gotta love those premade things that can be thrown in the oven), eat in front of computer as attempting to finish off assignment for ICT in education unit at uni. Finish off activities and put finishing touches on a slowmation project due by midnight

10:45 - submit assignment with mixed feelings. Knowing its not done as well as it should be, but just feeling so happy that the trimester is so close to an end. Only an exam on Monday to do! 

Jump in shower and get ready for bed. 

11:00 - climb into bed, chat with Matty and discuss our businesses, play a bit of fetch with little Aggie (unintentional, but she had her toy on the bed and I made the mistake of throwing it off... Then it becomes a game of fetch, because clearly I was throwing it off just so she could bring it back)

Type up eventual day in blogger, set alarm and be very happy that my bed is warm :)

12:00 - ready to publish post and put my head back on the pillow.

Goodnight all xx

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