Thursday, 30 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Thursday

6:00 - wake up much more refreshed (it's amazing what proper sleep can do for you), but continue to lay in bed as it is so lovely and warm

The sound of the alarm stirs both pets, and they know what it means, have morning cuddles with cat and dog

6:30 - reluctantly tell myself it's time to get out of bed and start the day.

Feed cat and dog, potter around the house for a while with a cup of tea and get organised for the day ahead. Pull meat out of freezer for dinner tonight 

7:30 - say goodbye to fiancé (who has ignored his own alarm and is still in the fabulously warm bed), leave for work, need petrol on the way.

8:00 - start work, finish touches on the assembly and start to remove some students from the system.

Realise phone is missing, call it... Fiancé answers and informs that have left phone at home. How inconvenient! 

Fill out paper work for new permanent position

10:00 - morning tea. On Thursdays at work we have a group morning tea with all the other SAS staff. It's usually used as a meeting for each department to catch up and for our boss to relay information. Some happy days we use it to celebrate someone's birthday and cake and other yummy food is brought in... Today was one of those days! We had sticky date cake and delicious cheese and crackers to celebrate Sean's 30th birthday 

10:30 - back to work. The usual stuff, banking, typing, phone, email, etc.

12:00 - the students in the hospitality department put on a Thai feast for the staff. All the other office staff attend for lunch. I don't like Thai food so offer to stay back and look after the office. Very busy office time, multiple lines ringing at once on the phone, student counter and parent counter both very busy. Thankful when other office staff come back. 

1:15 - finally make it out to have my own lunch. Lasagne from the school canteen as we have an empty pantry at home. Plus a banana and an apple. Have no phone to keep me occupied. Do a crossword in one of the magazines in the lunchroom 

1:45 - back to work for the last stretch of the day

2:45 - home time. Yay only one more day this week to do! 

3:15 - arrive home to find a parcel had been delivered. Get very excited thinking it must be the shoes I ordered online. Alas it is not. Just another delivery for FinnMoto 

Return missed voicemails for the day, scroll through Facebook and answer some emails. 

4:15 - off to dancing. Pick up some paperwork for fiancé and jump in car. 

4:45 - private lesson with my student of the year scholarship student 

5:15 - grade 7 ballet. Teaching them their classical dance 

Get message from this evenings musical theatre class teacher. Is sick and can't come in (this must be my week for sick teachers)! Message parents to cancel class, will schedule makeup lesson in holidays. I've never had this amount of cancelled classes or sick teachers  in one week before! 

6:15 - advanced jazz and contemporary. Missing quite a few to illness, but still manage to add a new section on 

7:45 - home time. Surprisingly early tonight. Usually I am at the studio on Thursdays for another hour! 

Prancer, our adoptive studio dog friend comes for a cuddle and a pat, then into car to head home

8:15 - arrive home and start cooking dinner. Spaghetti bolognese

Feed cat and dog. Then eat dinner with fiancé on couch in front of heater as its so cold

9:00 - more emails and time for an ice cream 

9:30 - shower time then getting ready for bed. 

10:00 - climb into bed with iPad. Set alarm and type post. Looking forward to some decent sleep again tonight! 

Goodnight all xx 


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