Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Monday

This week I thought I'd share my time with you. I've once again be rather neglectful of my little blog, due to a combination of being confined to bed for a few weeks with bronchitis (not fun at all) and then a whole heap of work and uni to catch up on. So I shall be making these posts over the week to give you a little glimpse into my life.


6:00am - this is when my day was supposed to begin (I was however, extremely tired and my bed was so very warm and cosy that I naughtily pressed my snooze button) 

6:30am - reluctantly concede defeat and drag myself out of bed. Sometimes it's hard when you share a bed with someone else to make yourself get up in the mornings when they're still lovely and snug under the covers! 

As usual, with their cute little faces the dog and cat manage to grab the first attention of the day and get their food before anything else can happen. Time for a cuppa, grabbing the essentials for my day at work, picking my outfit, doing my makeup and all the other boring getting ready stuff.

7:30am - leaving for work. It takes me half an hour to get there, and thankfully I get to drive against the traffic! 

8:00 - start work. Currently I'm filling in for someone else at work and I'm working on organising one of the academic assemblies that will be held on Thursday, my morning was spent printing certificates and sorting out the student awards lists. 

9:45 - morning tea, which was going to be a particularly boring musli bar and cup of tea... But my boss gave me a cupcake, you can't say no to cupcakes, so the boring little musli bar laid forgotten in my super cute poker dot lunch box. Send picture message of yummi cupcake to fiancé to make him jealous of my great morning tea... Get picture message back of eggs on toast. I think I won that battle! 

10:00 - back to work: more assembly organising, doing the bank, answering many phone calls, dealing with parents and students: a typical day at the moment.

Receive text message from beautiful friend Mel asking if free for lunch, sadly not since at work and have to decline :(

1:00 - lunch: no special surprises for lunch, just my left over pasta

1:30 - back to work to finish up as much of the assembly stuff as I can, had some details changed on me at the last minute, which means redoing part of the job I had already finished (not fun) 

2:45 - home time! I love that I get to finish work reasonably early in the day! 

3:15 - arrive home and rush to my office where I try to get in half an hour of writing an essay that is due tonight - this is the reason I shouldn't have pressed snooze this morning! Have company of puppy dog on lap and pussy cat on desk... Not helpful when you're in a rush

3:45 - time to gather all the things I will need at the studios for tonight and get changed into proper teaching attire

4:00 - off to the studio and job number 2 for the day

4:30 -senior technique class followed by receipting some payments from parents for term fees

5:15 - intermediate and advanced ballet class

6:15 - private lesson with one of my exam students 

7:00 - into the car to head on over to the other studio 

7:15 - intermediate jazz and contemporary class. My last class for the night :)

8:15 - home time, back into the car to head home and finish my essay. Feeling a bit flustered about getting it done in time so make the bad decision to buy takeaway instead of cooking... Stop at Hungry Jacks drive  through

8:45 - home and time to shovel down my dinner in my office

Time for writing my essay on Jane Eyre, really shouldn't have left it so late, but was caught up all weekend doing another uni assignment. As much as I love Jane Eyre, I am hating this essay! 

11:00 - submit terribly written essay that doesn't actually answer the question along with other English essay on Jekyll and Hyde written last week... That was my final English assessment for this trimester. Yay - fingers crossed that I can scrape a pass! 

11:10 - complain to wonderful fiancé about being tired and jump in shower. Get ready for bed, moisturise, take hair out, have a chat with fiancé about business stuff 

11:45 - fiancé heads out to his office to do some work and I climb thankfully back into my amazingly warm and comfy water bed with my iPad (where I am joined by puppy dog and pussy cat). Play a few games, scroll through Facebook and write this post

12:30 - set alarm for 6am (wonder if I'll actually get up at 6am) publish post then hope to go to sleep

Goodnight lovely people! xx

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