Friday, 31 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Friday

Today was a pretty happy day, not only is it Friday, and the start of the weekend, but some fairly great things occurred. 

6:30 - wake up and climb out of bed. Feed cat and dog and convince dog to go outside for her morning toilet time. She seems to be getting a little reluctant with this in the frosty mornings. 

Get ready for work.

7:30 - into car and off to work

8:00 - normal jobs: removing students, typing, answering calls etc.

10:00 - morning tea, banana and cup of Irish breakfast tea 

10:15 - back to work, more of the normal stuff and the bank

1:00 - lunch: toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich and an apple

1:30 - back to work again. Do the bank for a second time, we're doing rollover or something like that (not exactly sure) all I know is that I had to do a second bank and close down the register until Monday at lunch time.  Finish up some normal jobs and clean up the desk at the end of the day

2:45 - Yay made it to the weekend. Home time!

3:15 - pull in to driveway and get phone call from fiancé to meet him at his parents house to go through final business plans.

Don't get out of car, but pull out of driveway and head to his parents house. Have to drive through terribly busy school time traffic

3:45 - arrive and discover fiancé's older brother has arrived home from living in Europe. He wasn't due back until September so it's a nice surprise 

Go over final business plans with fiancé and make decisions. Head to bank to get a bank cheque. Feeling rather excited 

4:30 - head to dance shop to start in the next phase of my life. Hand over bank cheque as deposit for purchase of the business, which I will take ownership of on July 1st

5:00 - fiancé heads back to parents house and I head to Erina Fair for a much needed manicure. Get some pretty coral coloured shellac nails. 

6:00 - back home to feed pets and get changed quickly before heading back to Fiancé's parents house for dinner 

8:30 - head home. Have to drive fiancé home too as he had a bit to drink with his brother 

9:00 - shower time and time to tidy kitchen and lounge room. Plan to vacuum floors but feeling lazy... will do that tomorrow 

10:00 - climb into warm and comfy bed with iPad. Type post and plan to do a little study before going to sleep 

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