Friday, 31 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Friday

Today was a pretty happy day, not only is it Friday, and the start of the weekend, but some fairly great things occurred. 

6:30 - wake up and climb out of bed. Feed cat and dog and convince dog to go outside for her morning toilet time. She seems to be getting a little reluctant with this in the frosty mornings. 

Get ready for work.

7:30 - into car and off to work

8:00 - normal jobs: removing students, typing, answering calls etc.

10:00 - morning tea, banana and cup of Irish breakfast tea 

10:15 - back to work, more of the normal stuff and the bank

1:00 - lunch: toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich and an apple

1:30 - back to work again. Do the bank for a second time, we're doing rollover or something like that (not exactly sure) all I know is that I had to do a second bank and close down the register until Monday at lunch time.  Finish up some normal jobs and clean up the desk at the end of the day

2:45 - Yay made it to the weekend. Home time!

3:15 - pull in to driveway and get phone call from fiancé to meet him at his parents house to go through final business plans.

Don't get out of car, but pull out of driveway and head to his parents house. Have to drive through terribly busy school time traffic

3:45 - arrive and discover fiancé's older brother has arrived home from living in Europe. He wasn't due back until September so it's a nice surprise 

Go over final business plans with fiancé and make decisions. Head to bank to get a bank cheque. Feeling rather excited 

4:30 - head to dance shop to start in the next phase of my life. Hand over bank cheque as deposit for purchase of the business, which I will take ownership of on July 1st

5:00 - fiancé heads back to parents house and I head to Erina Fair for a much needed manicure. Get some pretty coral coloured shellac nails. 

6:00 - back home to feed pets and get changed quickly before heading back to Fiancé's parents house for dinner 

8:30 - head home. Have to drive fiancé home too as he had a bit to drink with his brother 

9:00 - shower time and time to tidy kitchen and lounge room. Plan to vacuum floors but feeling lazy... will do that tomorrow 

10:00 - climb into warm and comfy bed with iPad. Type post and plan to do a little study before going to sleep 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Thursday

6:00 - wake up much more refreshed (it's amazing what proper sleep can do for you), but continue to lay in bed as it is so lovely and warm

The sound of the alarm stirs both pets, and they know what it means, have morning cuddles with cat and dog

6:30 - reluctantly tell myself it's time to get out of bed and start the day.

Feed cat and dog, potter around the house for a while with a cup of tea and get organised for the day ahead. Pull meat out of freezer for dinner tonight 

7:30 - say goodbye to fiancé (who has ignored his own alarm and is still in the fabulously warm bed), leave for work, need petrol on the way.

8:00 - start work, finish touches on the assembly and start to remove some students from the system.

Realise phone is missing, call it... Fiancé answers and informs that have left phone at home. How inconvenient! 

Fill out paper work for new permanent position

10:00 - morning tea. On Thursdays at work we have a group morning tea with all the other SAS staff. It's usually used as a meeting for each department to catch up and for our boss to relay information. Some happy days we use it to celebrate someone's birthday and cake and other yummy food is brought in... Today was one of those days! We had sticky date cake and delicious cheese and crackers to celebrate Sean's 30th birthday 

10:30 - back to work. The usual stuff, banking, typing, phone, email, etc.

12:00 - the students in the hospitality department put on a Thai feast for the staff. All the other office staff attend for lunch. I don't like Thai food so offer to stay back and look after the office. Very busy office time, multiple lines ringing at once on the phone, student counter and parent counter both very busy. Thankful when other office staff come back. 

1:15 - finally make it out to have my own lunch. Lasagne from the school canteen as we have an empty pantry at home. Plus a banana and an apple. Have no phone to keep me occupied. Do a crossword in one of the magazines in the lunchroom 

1:45 - back to work for the last stretch of the day

2:45 - home time. Yay only one more day this week to do! 

3:15 - arrive home to find a parcel had been delivered. Get very excited thinking it must be the shoes I ordered online. Alas it is not. Just another delivery for FinnMoto 

Return missed voicemails for the day, scroll through Facebook and answer some emails. 

4:15 - off to dancing. Pick up some paperwork for fiancé and jump in car. 

4:45 - private lesson with my student of the year scholarship student 

5:15 - grade 7 ballet. Teaching them their classical dance 

Get message from this evenings musical theatre class teacher. Is sick and can't come in (this must be my week for sick teachers)! Message parents to cancel class, will schedule makeup lesson in holidays. I've never had this amount of cancelled classes or sick teachers  in one week before! 

6:15 - advanced jazz and contemporary. Missing quite a few to illness, but still manage to add a new section on 

7:45 - home time. Surprisingly early tonight. Usually I am at the studio on Thursdays for another hour! 

Prancer, our adoptive studio dog friend comes for a cuddle and a pat, then into car to head home

8:15 - arrive home and start cooking dinner. Spaghetti bolognese

Feed cat and dog. Then eat dinner with fiancé on couch in front of heater as its so cold

9:00 - more emails and time for an ice cream 

9:30 - shower time then getting ready for bed. 

10:00 - climb into bed with iPad. Set alarm and type post. Looking forward to some decent sleep again tonight! 

Goodnight all xx 


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Wednesday

So today wasn't as hectic as the last two days, it was a little less full (thankfully)

7:00 - wake up. As I don't go to work on Wednesdays, I would usually sleep in a little longer, but I had a breakfast date to get up for :) 

Get ready and feed pets. Chat with fiancé, who has to get up early for an online meeting with overseas suppliers

8:00 - breakfast with Emma at Aromas. Ate some yummy French toast with bacon and a fabulous pot of tea. Time for a catch up and a brief chat, some weeks we don't see each other at all, due to our conflicting schedules, so our breakfast catch ups are always great, if a little rushed.

9:00 - back into the car and off to the studio for my preschool dance classes.

9:30 - Little Ballerinas class

10:00 - Mini Jazzers class 

10:30 - quick tidy up of the studio and sorting out of some paperwork before off to the dance shop

11:00 - business meeting with the dance shop. These always last a really long time as we go off on tangents and have many discussions completely unrelated to dance. I always make sure I allow plenty of time when I head in there, because we get carried away and a half hour meeting turns into a four hour meeting! 

2:30 - wrapping up our meeting and back into the car

2:45 - belated lunch with fiancé. We ate at Taste, was delicious food!

3:30 - fiancé heads to the warehouse to work as I head home to work.

Answer some emails and return voicemail calls, checking payments that have come through and doing bookkeeping work. 

4:30 - on the road again and back to the studio

5:00 - junior jazz: usually I supervise this class as I have two student teachers for junior jazz. One has called in with glandular fever, the other was at work, so for tonight at least, I was on my own.

Get message from evening cover teacher, calling in sick (not my week at all for sick teachers), have to cancel last two classes for the evening (senior/advanced hip hop and tap). 

6:00 - Nikya comes in to take senior jazz class and I head home. I love that I get an early night on Wednesdays 

6:30 - arrive home and finish answering emails from this afternoon. Get distracted with Facebook 

7:30 - feed cat and dog, sit and chat with fiancé, have a very light dinner (baked beans) as still full from lunch. Fiancé eats ice cream instead of dinner

8:30 - Tidy office and lounge room. Can't believe how messy the house has become over the last two days and make a mental note to catch up on usual daily tasks (which I do normally each day, to ensure the housework gets done each week)

9:30 - jump in shower and get ready for bed. 

9:45 - feel happy that I've managed to get to bed before 10, write post and set alarm ready for a new day

Goodnight my lovelies, I will be enjoying my full 8 hours sleep tonight! xx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Tuesday

Yet another super busy day happened today

6:30am - up and out of bed - I made a last minute decision last night to give myself an extra half hour of sleep before facing the world again! 

Normal attempts at getting ready, a perfect cup of tea and some cuddles with Aggie. Feeding the cat and dog, jotting down some notes for the assignment that was due tonight for uni (oh the horrid end of trimester time) and cleaning the bathroom, (which is actually a Monday job, but I was way too tired yesterday to be bothered to do it)

7:30 - wake fiancé up and tell him to get out of bed. Continue getting ready.  

7:45 - wake fiancé up again and tell him it's definitely time to get out of bed 

8:00 - say goodbye to fiancé (still in bed) and leave for work (on Tuesdays I do the late shift)

8:30 - time to start work for the day: finalising the assembly for Thursday, which has to be done today as I don't go to work on Wednesdays. Got called into the boss's office to be told that staffing phoned and approved my application to become permanent 2 days a week, Yay (currently I'm employed as a casual in a temporary position 2 days a week... And just get called in on the other days). Message fiancé to tell news :)

10:00 - morning tea: banana and a cup of tea 

10:15 - more work: banking, dealing with parents and students, phone calls, exam typing... A never ending list 

1:00 - supposed to head off to lunch, but cornered by a teacher that needs help with something, stay back to assist while belly is rumbling with hunger! 

1:15 - finally make it out to the lunch room for my pumpkin soup

1:45 - back to work again, being on the late shift means I get a bit more done in the afternoon than usual

3:30 - home time! 

4:00 - rush inside, grab the stuff needed for the studio, get changed.

4:15 - jump back in car to head over to studio and start teaching for the night. Feel very thankful that I get to do something I love! 

4:45 - quick hello and goodbye with fiancé as we cross paths at the studio. Student teacher called in sick so have no assistant for first class. Primary jazz: cutest little girls ever, but a bit of a handful 

5:30 - grade 7 ballet: getting them ready for their exam work

6:30 - grade 5 ballet: these girls are also preparing for an exam. Get message from lovely friend, Emma asking if keen for breakfast catch up! Definitely keen! 

7:30 - intermediate jazz and contemporary: my class that has improved in leaps and bounds so far this year, I pushed them all up from junior to intermediate this year and they've all taken to the challenge so well! 

8:30 - classes over for the evening, lock up and head home

9:00 - arrive home to find fabulous fiancé has cooked dinner: roast chicken stuffed with pumpkin and garlic, wrapped in bacon, yum (gotta love those premade things that can be thrown in the oven), eat in front of computer as attempting to finish off assignment for ICT in education unit at uni. Finish off activities and put finishing touches on a slowmation project due by midnight

10:45 - submit assignment with mixed feelings. Knowing its not done as well as it should be, but just feeling so happy that the trimester is so close to an end. Only an exam on Monday to do! 

Jump in shower and get ready for bed. 

11:00 - climb into bed, chat with Matty and discuss our businesses, play a bit of fetch with little Aggie (unintentional, but she had her toy on the bed and I made the mistake of throwing it off... Then it becomes a game of fetch, because clearly I was throwing it off just so she could bring it back)

Type up eventual day in blogger, set alarm and be very happy that my bed is warm :)

12:00 - ready to publish post and put my head back on the pillow.

Goodnight all xx

A day in the life of Miss Ali - Monday

This week I thought I'd share my time with you. I've once again be rather neglectful of my little blog, due to a combination of being confined to bed for a few weeks with bronchitis (not fun at all) and then a whole heap of work and uni to catch up on. So I shall be making these posts over the week to give you a little glimpse into my life.


6:00am - this is when my day was supposed to begin (I was however, extremely tired and my bed was so very warm and cosy that I naughtily pressed my snooze button) 

6:30am - reluctantly concede defeat and drag myself out of bed. Sometimes it's hard when you share a bed with someone else to make yourself get up in the mornings when they're still lovely and snug under the covers! 

As usual, with their cute little faces the dog and cat manage to grab the first attention of the day and get their food before anything else can happen. Time for a cuppa, grabbing the essentials for my day at work, picking my outfit, doing my makeup and all the other boring getting ready stuff.

7:30am - leaving for work. It takes me half an hour to get there, and thankfully I get to drive against the traffic! 

8:00 - start work. Currently I'm filling in for someone else at work and I'm working on organising one of the academic assemblies that will be held on Thursday, my morning was spent printing certificates and sorting out the student awards lists. 

9:45 - morning tea, which was going to be a particularly boring musli bar and cup of tea... But my boss gave me a cupcake, you can't say no to cupcakes, so the boring little musli bar laid forgotten in my super cute poker dot lunch box. Send picture message of yummi cupcake to fiancé to make him jealous of my great morning tea... Get picture message back of eggs on toast. I think I won that battle! 

10:00 - back to work: more assembly organising, doing the bank, answering many phone calls, dealing with parents and students: a typical day at the moment.

Receive text message from beautiful friend Mel asking if free for lunch, sadly not since at work and have to decline :(

1:00 - lunch: no special surprises for lunch, just my left over pasta

1:30 - back to work to finish up as much of the assembly stuff as I can, had some details changed on me at the last minute, which means redoing part of the job I had already finished (not fun) 

2:45 - home time! I love that I get to finish work reasonably early in the day! 

3:15 - arrive home and rush to my office where I try to get in half an hour of writing an essay that is due tonight - this is the reason I shouldn't have pressed snooze this morning! Have company of puppy dog on lap and pussy cat on desk... Not helpful when you're in a rush

3:45 - time to gather all the things I will need at the studios for tonight and get changed into proper teaching attire

4:00 - off to the studio and job number 2 for the day

4:30 -senior technique class followed by receipting some payments from parents for term fees

5:15 - intermediate and advanced ballet class

6:15 - private lesson with one of my exam students 

7:00 - into the car to head on over to the other studio 

7:15 - intermediate jazz and contemporary class. My last class for the night :)

8:15 - home time, back into the car to head home and finish my essay. Feeling a bit flustered about getting it done in time so make the bad decision to buy takeaway instead of cooking... Stop at Hungry Jacks drive  through

8:45 - home and time to shovel down my dinner in my office

Time for writing my essay on Jane Eyre, really shouldn't have left it so late, but was caught up all weekend doing another uni assignment. As much as I love Jane Eyre, I am hating this essay! 

11:00 - submit terribly written essay that doesn't actually answer the question along with other English essay on Jekyll and Hyde written last week... That was my final English assessment for this trimester. Yay - fingers crossed that I can scrape a pass! 

11:10 - complain to wonderful fiancé about being tired and jump in shower. Get ready for bed, moisturise, take hair out, have a chat with fiancé about business stuff 

11:45 - fiancé heads out to his office to do some work and I climb thankfully back into my amazingly warm and comfy water bed with my iPad (where I am joined by puppy dog and pussy cat). Play a few games, scroll through Facebook and write this post

12:30 - set alarm for 6am (wonder if I'll actually get up at 6am) publish post then hope to go to sleep

Goodnight lovely people! xx