Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy Monday

I've been a little neglectful of my little old blog so far this year, so it feels only right that I start off with a Happy Monday.

This Monday is a happy one because I am finally on holidays ... from everything! The summer semester of uni, which I probably shouldn't have taken on, was completed yesterday evening. Due to lack of organisation (not usually one of my faults) and poor timing, I found myself with three essays and a quiz due over the last three days. None of which I had made any serious attempt at!

The weekend was hard, essay after essay and no time for breathing. Yesterday, especially was not a happy day. I was left with one essay, one that I hadn't even picked a topic for, I couldn't have been any less prepared if I tried! I spent 16 hours sitting in front of my computer yesterday. 16 hours of reading, research, writing and rewriting and I finally managed to get my [not very well written] essay submitted 1 hour before the deadline!

My Matty was a gem. He cooked, cleaned, brought me cups of tea, and supplied my desk with these fabulously pink roses! Pretty flowers can make even the most stressful day bearable!

...and so I say HAPPY MONDAY because yesterday is finally over! I am drained, and in a kind of trance, but it's done!

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