Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Some kind of crazy

Lately my life has taken on a new level of crazy. The type that only occurs at end of year concert time. 

On top of working and teaching and normal book keeping and uni, I now have the Elite Dance concert to deal with. Added stress, deadlines, organising photo day, dress rehearsal week, stage rehearsal, trophies, costumes, answering all manner of questions from parents and students. Seniors that are away for schoolies, or work or study, juniors that are on holiday or at school discos and a million other things in between. To make my life just a little more jam packed, I also woke up sick yesterday (how inconvenient)!

Our house looks like teenagers live here, my social life has once again disappeared and my poor pets look at me with their big, beautiful eyes just begging me to not go to work in the morning! Wedding planning has taken a back seat as every moment of my day seems to be dedicated to some task.

If I didn't seriously love what I do, I would be close to a nervous breakdown! Every morning I turn my computer on and get a little reminder to calm down.

keep calm

I would also be [paddle-less and up a certain creek] if I didn't have a fabulous mother and sister who are always ready to jump in and do more than their share of concert prep. They keep me sane by being just as crazy as me!

Our concert is less than 3 weeks away. You may not hear from me until then as I may be drowning under a sea of paperwork. Come along if you get a chance!

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