Sunday, 7 October 2012


Sweden has been amazing. It's beautiful and quaint, with great pubs and restaurants. We've visited the palace, and it's treasury, which was stunning. The palace was really ornate, with beautiful rooms, all of them different. We also went to the Vasa museum yesterday. The Vasa was a ship built about 350 years ago, which had been commissioned by the King. It was huge and big enough for a crew of 200. On its maiden voyage, the Vasa sank before even making it out of the harbour, there it sat for 333 years, and was finally raised to the surface and put in a museum a few decades ago. It is amazing to see, with such detail in it and considering it spent over 3 centuries in the ocean, it still is in very good condition.

Swedish people are mad for pick and mix lolly bags. They are in every store and I've become rather addicted to them. Its a good thing we're leaving tomorrow because otherwise I would be coming home much fatter than when I left!

Tomorrow we're off to Scotland. We'll be staying in Edinburgh but will be driving up to Aberdeen to see the Northern Lights.

Sending lots of love to everyone at home!

xx Alisa

One of the chandeliers in the palace

Beautiful doors

Amazing decor

Amazing dinner setting

The fantastic library room that we ate dinner in at a pub

Drinks with dinner

The Library room we ate in

The Vasa

What the Vasa originally looked like before it spent such a long time under water

The back of the Vasa

One of my pick-n-mix lolly bags

Walking down the main street towards the palace

The only rainy day we've really had

Inside the entrance to the palace

The buildings here are very cute

Back to having a lovely sunny day

The park across the road from our hotel

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