Saturday, 13 October 2012

Last Stop

We're in England now, and it is our very last day in Europe before we make the long and tiring trek home. We've had such a fabulous time, and like all holidays we feel that we really could do with a few more days here!

England, as always is simply amazing! We've been busy little bees since we got here a few days ago. Lots of shopping, high tea at the Ritz for my birthday, drinks and dinner with Matt's brother Scott, who is living in London now and this afternoon we'll stop by to see my Uncle George before heading to the airport.

Can't wait to see everyone at home, much love xx

Halfway through the best high tea ever

The Ritz

Where high tea was served

Beautiful piano music that was played during our high tea

I can't go past a Tiffany's without going in!

Drinks with Scott

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