Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fabulous things - New Shoes

Words cannot express how excited I am today, fabulous things have occurred to put a smile on my face!

The first was a message from my dear friend Katy, who has been living her fabulous life overseas in Canada since last year... She's coming home! YAY! Not until next year, but the countdown is definitely on! Her news has put such a smile on my face and as she is one of my bridesmaids, I can't wait to have her here to do bridesmaid stuff with!

The next fabulous thing was a delivery I got today. You may recall my devastation of losing two pairs of favourite shoes.... you may also recall my attempt to fill the void by purchasing more shoes? Well, they are finally here (all four pairs of them). Shoes are simply the best kind of delivery to get, especially when they are as beautiful as these ones. Anyone else obsessed with shoes (don't be ashamed to admit it, you know who you are), I highly recommend having a look at Unique Vintage. Which supplied these lovely shoes (all four pairs for $300 delivered from America - absolute bargain! - gotta love that exchange rate at the moment)

Poor Matt had to sit through a little parade of each pair as I unwrapped them and tried them on. I can't say he is as impressed as I am!

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