Saturday, 29 September 2012

More of Dubrovnik

Tomorrow we leave the beautiful and sunny Croatia and will be heading to Paris! Here are some more photos of our time in Dubrovnik

The horrid stairs we had to climb up to get on top of the wall

The view from on top of the wall

On top of the wall

A restaurant just for Dad

Dinner with a view...

...Said view

Today we caught the cable car up the mountain to see the Old Town from up high

Old Town

Another random sign

We had drinks by the sea again today

The spectacular view from our seats at the bar

Some huge and very colourful birds that were in the main street today

They were so well trained

Not sure why there was also a cockatoo there

This one loved hanging out on his owner's belt

The view from the buza bar

The view from the cable car

We leave tomorrow at the very undesirable time of 4:30am, so we've planned for an early night tonight. We ate pizza on the waters edge for dinner, and had icecream from a shop in the old town. Now we're back in our tiny little hotel room and Mel is entertaining herself with Siri on my new iPad.

The next time you hear from me, we'll be in beautiful Paris!

Much love, Ali xx

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