Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hello London

After traveling for what seemed like days, we finally arrived in London at about 7am. Our plane ride wasn't bad, just long. The food they gave us was probably the best I've had on a plane, and the TV screens were big.

London was raining when arrived (surprise) and we had to treck to Mel's parents' hotel room for the day as we weren't able to check in to ours. We spent the day on Oxford street looking in the shops.

A lot of time was spent in Victoria's Secret...

Are these not the most amazing drawers?!


We caught the train to Chipstead in Surrey with the intention of having dinner where Mel used to work. That plan failed as the kitchen was closed, so we made the trip back and ended up eating some terrible takeaway instead.

This random sign was posted to a gate in Chipstead... 
I never thought of a snail as a protected species before

Some more photos of London:

Those of you that remember my excitement about this place last time I was in Europe would understand my need to eat here again!

Pints of cider

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