Friday, 28 September 2012


Croatia is absolutely stunning! It is such a beautiful place with such a relaxing vibe. We're staying just outside the walls of the Old Town and spent yesterday walking around the city and climbing up the walls. It has such a rich history and when you step inside the walls it feels like you've gone back in time.

The whole city inside the walls is not very big. The main street that goes from one end to the other is only 300 metres. There are heaps of beautiful churches and lots of tiny little alley ways.

This bar was built in to the side of the cliff

It was the perfect place to have afternoon drinks

The buildings are all old and the alley ways are so so cute

Breakfast in an alley

For a tiny place, there are heaps of huge churches

The harbour

The walled city is built right up against the edge of the water and incorporates the rock into its structure

One thing we've noticed is that nothing is fenced off the way it would be in Australia

All the streets are lined with these little cafes and restaurants

There are stairs everywhere! It certainly isn't a city to visit if you're in a wheelchair. There is no disabled option when getting around, if you can't walk up the stairs, you can't go there, which is a shame, because all the best bits are up high!

Like this view.... If you couldn't get up the stairs, you would miss out on this view!

This is the place we sat for our afternoon drinks. Buza bar, built into the cliff

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