Friday, 17 August 2012

House and home - Reading nook

Welcome to our home. 'House and Home' will give you a little peek into our house and the parts of it I love most.

This weeks peek is my reading area.

This area is just in the corner of our lounge room and is reserved for personal reading only (no university work). It contains two bookshelves of my favourite reads and a chair that I simply adore! I love this space - throw in a pot of tea and a spare hour and this space is absolute bliss!

This particular bookshelf was the first peice of furniture I bought for our house... at least two years before we even moved out of home! I remember putting it on laybuy and paying of week by week until I could finally take it home... and then I remember this disappointment of it not fitting into my already crowded bedroom, and having to keep in downstairs in my parents dining room until it finally made its way with us to our very own place. As this was the first one, it is home to all my favourites... my Agatha Christie books (some of them), the classics I have always loved, the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series, Sherlock Holmes, and of course, my etiquette books. It also keeps one of the last photos of my big brother Peter (top shelf, on the right)

This little side table was picked up at the Reject Shop, best bargain ever! It holds photos of my brother and sister and that cute little bookmark that says "any mother could do the job of several air traffic controllers with ease." When I'm in this corner it usually also holds a pot of tea

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