Monday, 13 August 2012

Happy Monday!

I don't believe that Mondays should be associated with misery. How sad Mr Monday must feel when everybody wakes up at the beginning of the week with grumbles about how much they hate him, poor Mr Monday! It's not his fault that your alarm must go off, and that the trains are late and that you have a pile of work on your desk. It wasn't his idea to be the start of the working week or make Friday evening seem like a distant dream. Every day should be special and we should all make the effort to love each day for what it is. And so I plan from now on to make Mondays happy again. I hope, Mr Monday, that you approve?

Happy Monday will be used to record at least one thing that has put a smile on my face – because even Monday deserves a smile.

Today, the first Happy Monday, has been full of smiles

Happy Monday everyone! xx

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