Friday, 10 August 2012

A love of lines

This week Matt and I have been watching [*re-watching] the Lord of the Rings series. It is one of my most loved stories and we watched it in little pieces each night after dinner. Last night we reached the end and my absolute most favourite movie line came on…

“My friends... you bow to no one” (Aragorn to the hobbits after being crowned king).

This line evokes such an emotional response in me and has me welling up with tears before it is even uttered. To me, it embodies the entire story and is the perfect sentence! It expresses such love and gratitude along with a humbleness that renders me a weeping mess. My overly emotional responseto this single line of a very long tale (I would watch the entire trilogy just to get to this line) makes me think of many of the movies, books and songs that I love simply because a solitary sentence has defined it for me.

Does anyone else let their love of a line control their emotions?!

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