Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rouge in Love

 This is LancĂ´me Rouge in Love lipstick

and these are the colours I am looking for excuses to purchase! ... Roses in love and Corail in love... aren't they fabulous!? Donations of beautiful lipsticks are now being accepted :)


Monday, 20 August 2012

Happy Monday!

Today I woke up with a smile on my face. It's one of those beautiful days that I get to work from home, which meant I could have a sneaky sleep in and even better... the sun is shining!

Happy Monday everyone! 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Beautiful scents

If you've not yet smelt one of these divine candles I highly recommend that you head on over to your nearest homewares store! Sweetpea and jasmine is my flavour of choice, but there are lots if other beautiful combinations.

Matty bought me one a few years ago and it very quickly became my 'calming' scent. I burn it while I study or when I'm stressed... Needless to say, I've been through quite a few of them!

The best thing about these candles (apart from the amazing aroma) is the way they burn. You get 60 hours burn time out of them, and they use up all the wax - none of that weird burning down the middle and leaving a cylinder of unused wax.

Friday, 17 August 2012

House and home - Reading nook

Welcome to our home. 'House and Home' will give you a little peek into our house and the parts of it I love most.

This weeks peek is my reading area.

This area is just in the corner of our lounge room and is reserved for personal reading only (no university work). It contains two bookshelves of my favourite reads and a chair that I simply adore! I love this space - throw in a pot of tea and a spare hour and this space is absolute bliss!

This particular bookshelf was the first peice of furniture I bought for our house... at least two years before we even moved out of home! I remember putting it on laybuy and paying of week by week until I could finally take it home... and then I remember this disappointment of it not fitting into my already crowded bedroom, and having to keep in downstairs in my parents dining room until it finally made its way with us to our very own place. As this was the first one, it is home to all my favourites... my Agatha Christie books (some of them), the classics I have always loved, the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series, Sherlock Holmes, and of course, my etiquette books. It also keeps one of the last photos of my big brother Peter (top shelf, on the right)

This little side table was picked up at the Reject Shop, best bargain ever! It holds photos of my brother and sister and that cute little bookmark that says "any mother could do the job of several air traffic controllers with ease." When I'm in this corner it usually also holds a pot of tea

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Common sense

I’m in mourning!

Anyone that knows me knows I am a ‘shoe girl’ … I have more than my share of pairs, and often plan an entire outfit based the pair of shoes I’ve selected for the day. It’s not uncommon for me to change my shoes (and therefore my outfit) multiple times a day.

I’m sure my naughty puppy knows this, because in less than a week, she has helped herself to two of my favourite pairs of shoes. Not only are they unwearable (buckles and straps chewed straight off), but I can’t even bring myself to throw them out because I love them so much!

In a desperate attempt to fill the void, I tried to find similar shoes to those that were destroyed. No luck. I did however discover that it is a bad idea to take yourself out shopping after losing a favourite pair of shoes! I entertained the great idea to impulse buy an iPad. Thankfully common sense (and Matt ... Mostly Matt) prevailed. I went and had a cup of tea and scones instead... and bought some shoes, and underwear, and candles, and hand cream, and flowers, and dance pants...

But I didn't buy an iPad. So common sense wasn't really my friend today, but there is always tomorrow!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dream Jobs

I've often heard people say that you should love what you do, but how many people out there do? Obviously there are people at both ends of the scale (some that live to work and others that work to live) but I think most people fall somewhere in the middle, not necessarily hating or loving their jobs, just doing them? Which end do you fall in?

I'm lucky enough to be part of the group that love what they do. After all, how can you not love it when you get to spend your days teaching gorgeous kids like this?

I also have the added bonus of really enjoying my 'day job' too. I work with lovely people, doing things I find easy and I have very good hours.

I think it's a good thing that I love what I do, because when you add my two jobs together and then put uni study and CBTS study in, along with my business bookkeeping there aren't really many more hours left in the day!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Happy Monday!

I don't believe that Mondays should be associated with misery. How sad Mr Monday must feel when everybody wakes up at the beginning of the week with grumbles about how much they hate him, poor Mr Monday! It's not his fault that your alarm must go off, and that the trains are late and that you have a pile of work on your desk. It wasn't his idea to be the start of the working week or make Friday evening seem like a distant dream. Every day should be special and we should all make the effort to love each day for what it is. And so I plan from now on to make Mondays happy again. I hope, Mr Monday, that you approve?

Happy Monday will be used to record at least one thing that has put a smile on my face – because even Monday deserves a smile.

Today, the first Happy Monday, has been full of smiles

Happy Monday everyone! xx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tiffany Blue

Image: Tiffany & Co.
How amazing is Tiffany Blue!? It's such a fresh and beautiful colour. I can't wait to put my gorgeous bridesmaids in this fabulous hue!

Friday, 10 August 2012

A love of lines

This week Matt and I have been watching [*re-watching] the Lord of the Rings series. It is one of my most loved stories and we watched it in little pieces each night after dinner. Last night we reached the end and my absolute most favourite movie line came on…

“My friends... you bow to no one” (Aragorn to the hobbits after being crowned king).

This line evokes such an emotional response in me and has me welling up with tears before it is even uttered. To me, it embodies the entire story and is the perfect sentence! It expresses such love and gratitude along with a humbleness that renders me a weeping mess. My overly emotional responseto this single line of a very long tale (I would watch the entire trilogy just to get to this line) makes me think of many of the movies, books and songs that I love simply because a solitary sentence has defined it for me.

Does anyone else let their love of a line control their emotions?!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I saw this fabulous idea a long time ago and have been hanging on to it ever since. There was some tweaking, but I finally found the contents I thought would best fit in with myself and my chosen bridesmaids and created the little poem to match

Each care package included a handwritten card asking my girls to do the job - and thankfully they all are thrilled to be involved!

Now we get to get on to the really important things, like bridal showers and shoes!