Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas is insane! It's incredibly hot (around 40 degrees each day) and so busy! 5 minutes outside is enough to make your skin feel like its going to melt off. Thankfully on the Strip, everything is really close together! It's not like any place I've ever been. Everyone here is in holiday mode and 90% of the people are tourists. Every night when you walk down the street there are men handing out cards for call girls, or women dressed up in cabaret outfits asking for tips to have photos with them.

We're staying in the Bellagio. It's beautiful. The room we have is pretty fabulous, it will be disappointing when we have to leave! They have the dancing fountains out the front, which are great to watch, they have all the individual fountains timed to music and use different songs each time so the show isn't always the same.

The casinos all try to out-do each other in their grandness and they all have pretty amazing buildings and decorations. So far we've visited Bellagio, Paris, Venetian, Caesars, Mirage and Treasure Island. I wish they had the same kinds of laws as Australia when it comes to smoking inside, it's the only thing I can't stand over here! People light up at the tables :(

Last night we had dinner at Gordon Ramsey's Steak Restaurant in the Paris casino. The food was amazing and I even tried lobster (you should all be proud of me)!

Much love,
Ali xx

Pokies in the airport :S

Amazing comfy bed at the Bellagio
Our room at the Bellagio

Best Bathroom!

Paris Casino

Paris Casino

Paris Casino by night. This was across the road from our hotel

Because everyone is lazy, the casinos all have moving walkways between them

A very expensive and delicous dinner at Gordon Ramsay's!

The Venetian

The back of the Bellagio

Fancy room service

The garden display at the Bellagio

Caesars Palace
 The Bellagio Dancing Fountains

Our Hotel

The strip by night

The view from our room!

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