Saturday, 30 June 2012

Packing light

Recently I read an excellent post about arranging and packing outfits for travel. I am notorious for over packing and always come home having not worn half the things in my suitcase.

For this tripI decided to be very disciplined in my packing and follow this beautiful example! (I figured if anything, it would leave a lot more room for shoes)!

I allowed myself 26 pieces of clothing, plus accessories and shoes. Even after sorting my outfits out and deciding on what to pack, when it came to the actual packing, it took a lot of effort to not put anything extra in!

Here is my attempt:

10 shirts
1 skirt
3 dresses
2 short cardigans

I also have (not pictured):
3 long cardigans
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of dress pants
2 pairs of shorts
1 convertible dress/skirt
1 convertible wrap

It was very difficult to decide what to bring, and to make myself stick to it, but it was fun trying to create different outfits from only these items!

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