Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Around the world

I'm so unbelievably excited about my upcoming holidays that I must share!

This June/July I will be heading to Canada with Matty to see my amazing friend Katy, we'll then be visiting New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles for a few nights in each before coming home.

"What an exciting adventure" I hear you say!? Well guess what, 2012 is the year for exciting adventures, as I'll also be heading to Europe in September/October with my beautiful friend Mel! We'll be visitng Paris, London, Croatia, Sweeden and Scotland!

I am almost beside myself with excitement for the year ahead ... much like a child feels the night before Christmas! ... I am of course, also excited about being able to use this beautiful luggage again!

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  1. wow!! so great!! sounds like an absolute blast. traveling is fun! xoxo linds of


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