Friday, 9 December 2011

Dream Chasing!

I’m feeling rather proud of myself right now. For anyone whose mother has told them that their dreams (no matter how outrageous) are always achievable with hard work and dedication… go out and start chasing those dreams!

I took on the rather large goal this year of beginning a double degree at uni on top of my CBTS course and running a dance studio and working. Many people told me I was taking on too much, that I would burn out or that I some areas of my busy life would excel and some would just drift by. My worry was that I would enrol in uni and get through my subjects, but just with passes, and I know deep down that I’m better than just a pass.

Work has been fine for me, the dance studio is successfully expanding and I passed my first year of CBTS, but my proudest achievement this year is that I’ve managed to not only pass my second semester units, but I’ve received distinctions!

Anyone who has been putting off starting something new for fear of being too busy… suck it up, life is busy, it always will be, if you don’t start now you may never start. Dreams are there to be chased!

Love Ali xx

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